At Aston Martin, timeless is a word that resonates deep within the company’s foundations, shaping our designs and encouraging manufacturing brilliance. Whether it is from the unmistakable Aston Martin sound that echoes through the history of our cars or the quintessentially British heart and soul that is poured into every aspect of the journey, that timeless feature is maintained. We are therefore excited for you to explore this underpinning quality with ‘Timeless’, our certified pre-owned program.

‘Timeless’ provides customers with a way to experience the luxurious qualities of Aston Martin through our pre-owned network of cars with the same peace of mind and satisfaction that you would feel when purchasing the newest addition to our range. This means no shortcuts, and no uncertainty; we want to provide you with the same professionalism and protection all Aston Martin customers experience.


As is expected from Aston Martin, standards are high and there is no exception made for our pre-owned cars.

Our exacting mechanical and aesthetic standards will make sure that the car you take home looks and feels
as fantastic as it did when it was first given its famous wings badge at our Global Headquarters.

We run over 140 specialist inspection checks on each car before it is granted its
‘Timeless’ status, meaning high standards are a guarantee.


The promise of our cars being ‘Timeless’ is reflected in the 12 month unlimited mileage Extended Warranty (Limited Warranty in North America) and roadside assistance you will receive. This protection allows you the complete peace of mind you deserve when considering your purchase.


All of these benefits can be summed up in one single word: History.

When buying from Aston Martin you receive access to a history that stretches back over 100 years: a rich and powerful history that prides itself on guaranteeing customers perfection in all aspects and now, we can open up this enriching experience to you.

With ‘Timeless’ you can look forward to becoming part of this incredible journey, you can look forward to joining a community who, like yourself, deserve to experience luxury and elegance in motoring.

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